N-Shield UAN Hydroguard

DCD-Enhanced UAN with Wetter & Humectant: Ultimate Growth Synergy

  • DCD-Enhanced: Reduces nitrogen leaching from UAN.
  • Wetter/Humectant Addition: Boosts soil penetration and maintains optimal moisture for prolonged effectiveness.
  • Prescription Application: Allows customised application to ensure effectiveness at different liquid application rates.
  • Cost Effective: Optimises fertilizer use for better results.
  • Yield Boost: Ensures consistent nutrient supply for crops.

Product Overview: Wetter/Humectant

  • Contains a unique blend of surfactants and retention agents.
  • Significantly improves early seedling emergence and vigour.
  • Specifically designed for challenging conditions like non-wetting soils or dry seeding.
  • Attracts and retains moisture around the seed when used with UAN at seeding.
  • Alters water movement in soil, reducing vertical movement and enhancing lateral spread in the furrow.
  • Increases the efficiency of water and nutrient use, contributing to sustainable farming practices.

In-Furrow Prescription Application

  • Prescription Application: Adjusts Wetter/Humectant amounts in correlation with UAN rates per hectare.
  • Enhanced Precision: Ensures optimal application accuracy for growers.
  • Similar Methodology: Mirrors the technique used for flutriafol incorporation into fertilizer.
  • Integrated Product Solution: Offers a built-in system feature, avoiding separate on-farm tank mixing.
  • Ultimate Stability: Finished product maintains stability in solution for up to two years in tank storage.