Delivering a transformative new product

N-Shield™ has recently partnered with one of the world’s most sustainable companies, to deliver a transformative new product. Developed by Brussels based company Solvay, a global leader in sustainable chemical development, N-Shield™ is a new fertiliser technology that provides solutions for nitrogen based fertilisers. Using a cutting edge formula, developed with patented intellectual property, to stabilise the nitrogen granules, N-Shield™ tackles the issues of inefficiency and environmental impact head on.

Time lapse footage of N-Shield™

Our N-Shield™ time lapse footage shows the ammonia lost to volatilisation from the traditional urea compared to N-Shield™. This trial simulates 300kg/ha of urea after a 2mm rainfall event.

N-Shield™ has increased stability making it the most sustainable nitrogen product on the Australian market, contributing to agricultural financial performance while having a lower environmental impact.

By using the N-Shield™ Nitrogen Fertilizer you can help reduce up to 47% of the green house gases being released by Nitrogen. You will also reduce leaching by up to 30%. As well as these environmental benefits, you will be keeping the Nitrogen in the immediate profile, therefore the plants can use it when they require it, resulting in increased yields and increased profit.

For more information about how you can get N-Shield™ onto your plants, trees, crops or vineyards click the link below.


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Available now at all Impact distribution sites.

A Greater Investment Requires Superior Protection

Now that's Nitrogen with obedience!


Using N-Shield will give you the confidence that nitrogen applied will be where you want it, when you need it, ultimately increasing your return on fertiliser investment.

DERRYNAgfert General Manager

By increasing the efficiency of fertiliser application through N-Shield, farmers can be assured that they are doing the best they can for their land and for those who will farm it after them.


If there’s two things farmers really care about, it’s the land they farm and the bank accounts that help them do that. N-Shield delivers an immediate positive outcome for both those things.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to all the questions about why you should choose N-Shield

N-Shield is the only dual molecule Urea coating on the Australian market. Reducing both volatilisation and leaching of Nitrogen.
N-Shield is a cutting edge patented formula that coats the nitrogen granule and is available from Impact Fertilisers and Agfert Fertilisers. Contact us to find your nearest location.
It has been proven to reduce Green House Gas emission (N2O) up to 50%. Not only does it decrease its environmental footprint it will increase your Agricultural performance at the same time.
N-Shield delivers you more flexibility with your nitrogen application, giving you more certainty on your investment. Making it better for you and your returns.
It can reduce water pollution (NO3-) up to 30%.
Reduce fertiliser rate by up to 25% and increases crop yield from 5-15%.

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